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Home & Garden: This powder will kill insects by drying them from the outside in. It will kill most small insects and keep the bigger ones away. It is helpful as a natural non toxic insecticide for the home and garden. Safe for pets. The only caution is from inhaling any dust while applying it as it can irritate the lungs.


How to use:

-To keep crawling insects away: sprinkle around drains, behind washing machines, refrigerators under the kitchen sink. Any insect that comes into contact with the powder will die by drying outside in.

- Sprinkle around open spaces on the floor drain so that any insects that crawl out of the drain will be killed. When cleaning floors simply rinse away the powder and reapply when you finish cleaning.

- Sprinkle on window sills to keep flies away.

- Can be applied wet by mixing it with a little water and painting it onto desired surface. Once it dries it will start to be effective.

- Sprinkle on pet areas, houses and cushions to prevent fleas. Sprinkle, leave on for a while and then vacuum off. Repeat as often as necessary
- In the garden:

- tree trunks: can be painted onto the trunks by mixing enough powder with water to make a paint that is thick enough to paint. Once dry it will be effective.

- Sprayers: Can be mixed with water and sprayed onto plants to kill any undesired insects.



Amorphous Silica (Natural Diatomaceous Earth).


Volume: 900g

Amina's Bug Buster

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