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Amina’s Pure offers you this health giving Pure Dead Sea Salt to enjoy in its simplicity as nature intended it.  Soak in these mineral rich salts and enjoy their therapeutic benefits.


Bathing in Dead Sea Salt can help replenish most minerals and improve skin metabolism. The variety of minerals found in dead sea salt are important in combatting stress and fluid retention as well as calming the nervous system.

These minerals are cleansing and help detoxify the body and skin. They help slow the aging process, improve circulation and balance skin moisture.


How to Use:

Regular use: Add 250g salt to lukewarm bath water. You may also use your creativity by adding essential oils of your choice for a unique experience.


Benefits of The Ingredients:

Magnesium: Promotes cell metabolism, speeds up healing of skin tissue, soothes damaged skin.
Calcium: Balances sebum, enhances skin hydration, promotes cell renewal, prevents wrinkles & fine lines.
Sulfur: Natural disinfectant, purifies skin, detoxifies the body, promotes hair growth.
Bromide: Soothes skin, relieves muscle cramps, calms nerves, repairs skin cells.
Potassium: Replenishes much-needed moisture, reduces puffy skin, reduces water retention.
Sodium: cleanses skin, relieves stiff & sore muscles, fights off skin cell degenerating free radicals, exfoliates dead cells, detoxifies skin.
Zinc: fights acne, protects skin.



Iodine, Chlornie, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Bromine, Sulfur, and Zinc.


Size: 450g

Amina's Pure Natural Bath Salts

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