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Hydrating and tonifying balm to plump your curves. The perfect balm to use for post-birth, skin fragility, or simply to defy the laws of gravity. 


100% of natural origin & 75% organic, dermatologically tested formula.


How to use:

Apply it without moderation on your boobs, belly and booty.



Kigelia: Plumping and firming.
Daisy: Tonifying.
Babassu: Anti-age protective, hydrating, and softening.
Oat kernel: Antioxidant.
Hamamelis: Soothing and decongesting.
Shea: Hydrating and repairing.
Sweetleaf: Anti-stress and smoothing.
Essential oils of Sweet Orange, A myris and Copaïba.


Volume: 50 ml

Baûbo Gorgeous Balm

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