▪️Reduce puffiness & dark circles 

▪️Gives you an instant glow 

▪️Helps reduce redness & inflammation 

▪️Can cure sunburn & rashes 

▪️Reduce the appearance of pores 

▪️Delay early signs of aging 

▪️Increase collagen production in the face by improving blood flow 



How to use:

Fill It: Open the bottom flap of your face stick and fill the heart shaped opening with water. 
Freeze it: Leave your face stick in the freezer for atleast 4 hours 

Let it rest: Allow your face stick to rest for 3 mins before opening it to avoid breaking the ice. 
Run Under Hot Water: Run some hot water on the mold to separate the ice from it. 
Face It: Gently open your face stick and rub it against your face. 


Face It