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Benefits of Honey with Comb:


1) For the Respiratory System: It helps to treat colds, flu,  sinus infections, asthma and spring allergies. Thus inhaling the smell of Honey with Comb will help with opening the pores of the nose.


2) For the Immune System: It strengthens the immune system and makes it able to fight off diseases, and elimate harmful bacteria from the body. Plus it is anti-inflammatory.


3) For Wounds & Healing: Used to treat skin ulcers and helps in healing wounds, because it stimulates the cells to produce new tissues thus treating infections and speeding up the process of wound healing.


4) For the Digestive System: Its considred a  natural laxative that helps to get rid of wastes and treat stomach and intestinal infections. Could also be helpful with getting rid of indigestion.


5) For the Bones:  Its rich in Calcium and Phosphorous, two important minerals that are needed in building and  strengthening the bones, and on the long run this will help with preventing osteoporosis.


6) For the Hair: It works by nourishing the scalp, stimulating hair growth, and increasing its volume leaving it strong, soft and shiny. Dry hair could be solved by mixing Honey with Comb with Coconut Oil and applying it to the hair and then washing it.


7) For the Skin: Moisturizes and softens the skin. Since its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory it will protect the skin from harmful external factors thus preventing acne, and treating eczema and that is done by mixing Honey with Comb with Olive Oil. On the other hand, mixing Honey with Comb and Almond Oil will help with skin regeneration and preventing dryness.

The Honey Oweisses Honey with Comb 400g

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