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Big Dipper candles are long-burning, hand-dipped, 100% beeswax (beeswax is biodegradable). A dozen candles provide an all-natural celebration at its best! 


Available in natural or multi-color packs. Multicolor packs include 3 red, 3 pumpkin, 3 moss, and 3 teal candles.


Each taper is 3 inches tall x 1/4" wide. They can be used for multiple celebrations as they will burn bright for several minutes.


Beeswax candles smell great, and they're also the smart choice for you and the environment. Beeswax is nontoxic and nonallergenic, and beeswax candles burn clean and soot free. When burned, they release negative ions that improve air quality by eliminating pollutants and allergens from the air. Big Dipper Wax Works also uses vegetable oil based dyes, which are cleaner and more sustainable that traditional candle dyes.

Big Dipper Beeswax Birthday Candles

JD5.000 Regular Price
JD3.750Sale Price
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