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The Q Balm is the first 100% natural & 100% organic anal care product for everyone: after sex, constipation, after spicy food, during pregnancy, prostate massage, post-partum relief... The Q Balm can be used as soon as the slightest discomfort. Its gentle formula specially designed for anal mucosa ensures daily a gentle and comforting use.


Coconut*, soothing · nourishing · softening

Ricin*, moisturizing · repairing · antibacterial
Shea butter*, moisturizing · nourishing
Beeswax*, protective
Carnauba wax*, antioxidant
Calendula*, soothing · anti-inflammatory 
Hamamelis*, astringent · vasoconstrictor · anti-inflammatory

*Ingredients from organic farming
100% of the total ingredients is from organic farming

Baûbo Balm Anal Care

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