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Based on the ecological will to avoid a profusion of creams, the Small Infinite Balm is a soft and nourishing universal care. From infants' skins to the most mature skins, a simple local application of the Small Infinite Balm intensely moisturizes: chapped & local dryness, lip care, hands, night cream, moisturizing mask, hair tips, baby care, beard, make-up remover...
The Small Infinite Balm is the universal ultra-soft care that replaces all others.

Here, take advantage of its pocket size, to slip into your bag to easily moisturize your lips, hands, etc. throughout the day.

Volume: 15ml - about 2 months of use on average



Ingredients: (Made from unrefined virgin organic oils)

Macadamia*, regenerating · nourishing · softening
Castor*, hydrating · protective
Coconut*, soothing · nourishing · softening
Avocado*, healing · soothing
Wheatgerm, nourishing · repairing
Shea*, hydrating · repairing
Vitamin E 

* Ingredients from organic farming 

98,5% of the total ingredients is from organic farming

Small Infinite Balm Universal Care

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